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Kinship Alliances
Mar 23, 10 3:42 PM
A date to remember!!
Mar 12, 10 2:49 PM
Say hello to your little friends!
Feb 8, 10 4:12 PM
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Welcome the the home of the Guardians of the Veiled Rose!

The Purpose of the Guardians of the Veiled Rose is to hopefully provide the best kinship environment for any player nomatter their style of gameplay.  I aim to make a kinship that you can be free to do anything you want, might that be hardcore raiding, casual questing, role-playing, somewhere to chat with a great group of people, or anywhere in between.  I feel we are on the way to providing just that!  I hope to see you in-game soon!



Kinship Alliances

privatee, Mar 23, 10 3:42 PM.
The Guardians of the Veiled Rose have allied with two other kinships now!!  The names of them are The Shadow Fire Alliance and The Servants of the Secret Fire.  I have set up a userchat channel for this.  Ingame type /joinchannel govr and set up the proper filters.  To type in this channel, all you have to do is type /1, /2, or /3 whatever you designate for the govr channel.  Hook up and meet some new friends!!

A date to remember!!

privatee, Mar 12, 10 2:49 PM.
The Guardians of the Veiled Rose has grown to over 700 members!!  I am very pleased to announce this information :) Thank you everyone for your support and loyalty!!

Say hello to your little friends!

privatee, Feb 8, 10 4:12 PM.
Photobucket  I hope to take more of these kind of screenies of all the members at the house or wherever.  Someday we will fill bree and take a shot!!

What a beautiful day to go bridge jumping!!
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